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Drew Wills &lt;; Drew Wills <> 4fab45001445a2cba502b18ace4fa367c1a5cac6 4fab45001445a2cba502b18ace4fa367c1a5cac6 Merge pull request #219 from Jasig/travis-ci-basic
.travis.yml workaround allowing Travis-CI build to run.
Drew Wills &lt;; Drew Wills <> 56ab3bf9e208c71abe82aea4436c4f2d1889a7d5 56ab3bf9e208c71abe82aea4436c4f2d1889a7d5 Merge pull request #214 from mindblender/navigation
UP-3930 Respondr: Clean up tab manipulation visuals
Andrew Petro Andrew Petro 9df63b376524b608ab7229c1547d11b66f659d5e 9df63b376524b608ab7229c1547d11b66f659d5e Workaround allowing Travis-CI build to run.
The `before_uninstall` un-setting of `GEM_PATH` can be retired once uPortal is pulling in a fixed version of the SASS Maven compile plugin.
drewwills &lt;; drewwills <> 14ed4f27573d4cb7123f4d2df8222f8cf1910e94 14ed4f27573d4cb7123f4d2df8222f8cf1910e94 Add a Notification Icon portlet to the pre-header region in Respondr with a badge number indicating the current number of notifications
Tim Levett Tim Levett 64d3aa9a470476baaecc3e280cce82319c0c1b93 64d3aa9a470476baaecc3e280cce82319c0c1b93 Merge pull request #213 from Jasig/usernames_in_entity_files_on_own_lines_clean
Trivial reformatting of entity files to emphasize usernames

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